Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Wind and Rain and Broken Bike

The Wiltshire countryside has changed a bit this winter. There are lakes where fields used to be and rivers have appeared from out of the blue. For the most part this has not affected my training too badly, and I'm mostly just happy it is not snowing, but my poor bike has taken a beating.

This week I had to have the bearings on my bottom bracket replaced, as the water has taken its toll, after about a month of wet riding. Group training rides over the last few weeks have been interrupted on numerous occasions by mechanical issues, from punctures to cassettes falling apart! Winter is hard on bikes.

That aside I have been stepping up my training and I'm working to build a good base fitness for the season. I plan to start racing properly in April, but in the interim I'm doing the odd circuit race for a bit of fun. This week I picked up 3 points in Brighton. Always nice to pick up a few points early in the year.

Next week I will be at the London Bike Show, representing Team Army. It should be good to see what's going on there and I will take some photos to put up here. 

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