Friday, 30 August 2013

Apre's Bank Holiday Bonanza

My training has been really disrupted by work lately, but at least I managed a 2 hour ride with my neighbour, Kevin, today. We don't often get to ride together because of our schedules, but it is always a painful pleasure, as we train hard together. Today we averaged just under 34 km/h on a windy undulating course. This may be my last training ride before the Army Road Race Championship on Wednesday. I hope my legs are not too stale on the day.

This Monday passed I raced in Brighton at the Apre's Bank Holiday Bonanza, in a National B E12 race around the track in Brighton's Preston Park. Only 12 riders started, so I knew it was going to be particularly tough as there would be no bunch to hide in. Sure enough, our average speed for the race was 45,9 km/h and I only managed 8th place, although that still gave me 8 points for my Cat 2 ranking.

My wife, Sarah, was able to get some great shots, which you can see below.

The next three weeks will see me doing the Army Road Race Championship, the Inter-Services Road Race Championship and the Inter-Corps Road race Championship. My training for the next week will be severely hampered by work, so I'm going to have to rely on race smarts more than legs probably.

Michael Coyle (Brighton Mitre CC) on his way to victory.

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