Friday, 24 May 2013

Picking up again

Three races done since my last post and my training has been going well. I've got a training program set up now, so we will see if it bares the fruit I hope it will!

Behind The Bikeshed's Summer Circuits 1 ( Cat 3/4) 14 May 2013

Racing at Thruxton circuit in the first of the Behind The Bikeshed's Summer Circuits was a cold, wet and windy affair. I think only the hard and the nutters turned out to race (and maybe some like me that thought it would be easy points to gain in bad weather!) because the bunch was made up of less than 20 riders.

A break went on the first lap with one of my Army team mates in it, so I did not chase, but soon the field was splintered to bits and I found myself working in a group of 4 for the majority of the race. We were behind the three man break-away, and never looked likely to close it down. My frozen legs disappointed in the sprint and I walked away with 7th place and 3 BC points to add to my collection.

Ludgershall Summer Series 1 (Cat 3/4) 20 May 2013

Sprinting to 6th place.
 Nice to be back racing at Ludgershall, especially as the weather was good. A good turnout from the Army riders meant we were always going to dominate the race. Cameron Campbell and Alexander Royle got away after a flurry of attacks in the opening few laps. The pace dropped as the chase became disorganised and myself and other Army riders took it in turn to counter attack the chasing bunch.

Royle crosses the line ahead of Campbell
In the end there was a sprint for third place behind Royle and Campbell. I managed 6th on the day, so that's another 4 points in the bank. 15 points to go for me to gain a 2nd Cat licence, and plenty of races left this season in which to collect them.

Inter-Corps Race at Sandhurst Military Academy

In the new Artillery kit on the short, sharp
climb, which added a bit of extra
character to the technical course.
The Inter-Corps series is getting better and better, with a strong field making up the main race. In this week's race we were treated to a circuit inside the Sandhurst Military Academy, and what a great circuit it was! Plenty of corners, a bit of a climb, a fast descent and a field of 50 odd riders all giving their all.

I had an interesting race, which included a bit of cyclo-cross as I was pushed off the road when looking to take a corner wide. I managed to control the bike, but moved from the front of the peleton to the rear within a matter of seconds. The next lap was a concerted effort to get back to the front, which I did promptly, albeit with spit and sweat flying all over the place as I munched my handlebars.

There were plenty of attacks, and in the end three riders managed to get away. They built up a 28 second lead by the end of the race. In the bunch gallop I found myself out of position and got boxed in. Just as I thought it was all over a gap opened in front of me and I managed to pass four or five riders to finish 11th in the race.

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